Terms and conditions

We provide transportation services, for individuals and groups.
Transport services are not considered organized travel. You must have read the terms and accepted them, and be at least 18 years old.
We also accept cash and well-known cards.
We don't accept PAY PAL.
If customers do not show up at the airport one hour after the arrival of the flight, the driver may leave.
In case the customers at the port or at the bus station do not show up half an hour after the arrival of the bus or the ship, the driver can leave.
In case the guests in hotels or rentals do not show up half an hour after the pre-arranged appointment, the driver will leave.
We accept no liability and do not pay compensation when the performance of our obligations is impeded or directly or indirectly affected by or as a result of force majeure or any circumstances beyond our reasonable control including, for example, extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and other acts of terrorism actions, accidents suffered by third parties on the transport route, police checkpoints, unusually burdened traffic or industrial activities.
We have the right to refuse the carriage of any passenger who in the driver's judgment may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose conduct mat be considered dangerous to the driver or vehicle to other passengers or even and to themselves.
It is not all to transport alcoholic beverages for consumption in the vehicle as well as transport and use of drugs inside the vehicle or at a short distance from it.
It is forbidden to smoke inside and outside the vehicle.